In Palma and Ruiz we carry out all types of plumbing installations. We put a new faucet in your bathroom, replace a defective toilet, install a new shower screen, change your old sink for a modern one ... Whatever you want. We adapt to you

Let us advise you when it comes to installing plumbing. Throughout the year we installed hundreds of faucets, toilets, screens, shower trays, accessories, bathrooms ... etc, and we know the latest models and novelties in the sector. The possibilities offered by the plumbing are very varied. In terms of style and also in price. To have quality products in the kitchen or bathroom of your home today you no longer have to spend a large amount of money. There are products of a magnificent design at a more than affordable price.

We will show you the catalogs of the companies with which we collaborate so that you discover all the possibilities in plumbing installations. We adapt to your needs:

Installation of toilets.
Installation of bathroom and kitchen taps.
Installation of showers.
Installation of screens.
Installation of bathtubs.
Installation of shower trays.
Installation of sinks.
Installation of taps and bathroom accessories.
Drinking water installations in new constructions